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One of the first products that come to mind when it comes to personal care is deodorant. This product, which we use without saying summer-winter, has many different types. Deodorants, which are divided into different types according to their purposes, are often mixed with antiperspirants. So what are antiperspirant and deodorant, what are the differences, and what varieties are there? We searched for the answers to all these questions for you. Here’s all you need to know about antiperspirant and deodorant usage.

What is deodorant?

antiperspirantThe primary purpose of deodorants is to prevent and remove sweat odor. The smell of sweat is caused by bacteria that live under the armpit. Deodorants prevent the reproduction of these bacteria and prevent the smell of sweat. These products, which prevent the formation of bad odors for a while, are often combined with different perfumes. In this way, while preventing the smell of sweat, it also provides a pleasant smell.

What is Antiperspirant?

antiperspirantAlthough antiperspirants and deodorants are often mixed, the main task of antiperspirants is to prevent sweat formation. These products temporarily block the sweat glands outlet and prevent excessive sweating. These products are often used by people who sweat excessively. You can also use antiperspirants as a deodorant. Today, antiperspirants are usually sold in combination with deodorants. For this reason, you can prevent the formation of sweat by using antiperspirants, while at the same time you can get a pleasant smell.

What are the differences between deodorant and antiperspirant?

antiperspirantDeodorants do not prevent sweating, while antiperspirants block the pores by blocking the pores. In addition, antiperspirants are more effective than deodorants. However, while deodorant is suitable for daily use, long-term use of antiperspirants is not recommended. Sweating is very important for our health. Continuously limiting this natural activity with antiperspirants may cause you to have health problems in the future.

How to use deodorant and antiperspirant?

antiperspirantThe golden rule of both antiperspirants is to apply to clean and dry skin. In addition, antiperspirants give more successful results when applied at night before bedtime. Deodorants should be applied to clean skin after showering.

Now let’s look at the types of products that prevent the smell of sweat: Powdered deodorant

antiperspirantPowdered deodorants are among the most preferred types of deodorants and generally show antiperspirant properties. It reduces the wetness that arises under the armpit and hides the smell of sweat with its pleasant scent. Of course, since these types of deodorants contain powder, they can leave white spots on the clothes. If you have excessive sweating problems, you should definitely try powdered deodorants.

Powder-free deodorant

antiperspirantPowder-free deodorants generally do not show antiperspirant properties. In other words, it hides the smell of sweat but does not prevent sweat formation. If you do not sweat excessively, you can choose powder-free deodorants if you just want to mask the smell of sweat.

Stick deodorant

deodorant çeşitleri stickStick deodorants are compressed solid products. Since it has a wide application surface, it gives successful results in people who sweat heavily. Of course, let’s say that these types of deodorants can also cause white spots on clothes. Roll-on deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are among the most practical types of deodorants. It is easy to use and gives precise results. Of course, since roll-on deodorants have a wet structure, you may need to wait a few minutes after wearing your clothes after application.

Cream deodorant

deodorant çeşitleri kremNatural deodorants, which have become very popular lately, mask the smell of sweat and moisturize the skin. These deodorants, which give a feeling of relief, are quite effective but unfortunately, they are not easy to use. Cream deodorants sold in tiny jars are more troublesome than other deodorant types, as they require application with a spatula. Of course, being more effective is enough to ignore this situation.

Natural crystal deodorant

Crystal deodorants, which have become popular in recent years, are also known as deodorant stones. These products, which prevent the formation of odors without blocking the sweat glands, are a great alternative for those looking for a natural deodorant. To use crystal deodorants, all you have to do is wet the stone and apply it to your skin.

Natural deodorants

deodorant çeşitleriWe have said that antiperspirant deodorants can cause health problems in the long term. Today, many deodorants contain chemicals that are harmful to health. These chemicals, which are used to prevent sweating and mask the smell, invite many diseases. If you do not have a heavy sweating problem, you can give natural deodorants a chance. These products, which do not prevent sweat formation and mask the bad smell throughout the day, perform quite well if they are refreshed every day, although not as effective as their competitors.

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